About the Author

Jason van Gumster does a lot of things. Mostly he makes stuff up. He writes, animate, and occasionally teaches. With heavy entrepreneurial tendencies that run nearly as deep as his creative ones, he has a constant fascination with producing creative content with as much control and independence as possible. Naturally, that makes him a big proponent of open source software; very nearly everything that he produces is made using Free and open source tools.

Using those open source tools, he ran his own small, independent animation studio for 8 years. And in the course of that, he had the privilege of managing large international production teams on ridiculously tight deadlines (4-7 minutes of CG animation in 2 days)… for fun. he’s transferred some of that experience in writing to two separate books, Blender For Dummies and GIMP Bible. The rest of that experience he continues blurt out a bit at a time during his [mostly] weekly podcast, the Open Source Creative Podcast.

If you want to get in touch with Jason, feel free to track him down on your favorite social media platform (Twitter, Google+, Facebook). Of course, there’s also his website, monsterjavaguns.com, and good ol’ email ([email protected]).

Currently based just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, Jason spends the majority of his time drinking coffee and trying to be awesome. The former he’s pretty much gotten down to a science. The latter… well, every now and again he succeeds at that one and makes it look like it wasn’t an accident.