February 27, 2020 by Jason van Gumster

Chapter 12 in Blender For Dummies, 4th edition has a walkthrough on rigging a simple little Stickman character. These are the asset files to get you started.

In particular, there are two files that are mentioned in there.

  • stickman-unrigged.blend - Treat this file as your starting point. It’s the base stickman mesh without much of anything else. If you follow the steps outlined in the book, you should end up with a character can be posed like in the image pictured above.
  • stickman-rigged.blend - It’s always nice to have a file that you can use to check your work. This .blend file has the stickman character rigged and ready to pose or play with. If you don’t feel like learning how to rig, you can even just grab this character and run with it to make your own little stickman animation.

Have fun!

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